Mark Smith has his art studio gallery in Hyde Park, Utah. He loves how a logo, when done well, captures an image with the simplicity of few colors and detail. He is inspired by that mind set and the colorful world around him. The raw intensity found in acrylics is his preferred medium in creating his happy contemporary vision for artwork. His trade mark, white line work, began with water colors and is still easily recognizable in his acrylic works. Kids artwork influenced his eye to paint with bold colors, and keep the subject matter simple. Retiring from the field of education where Mark was an elementary teacher for 32 years, he now devotes his time on the passion he feels for expressing his own vision of artwork. He has established a style that is easily recognized, and was awarded the “People’s Choice Award” in the art show Summerfest 2018. He remains ever vigilant about observing his world around him where he notes, “It is full of color and light! Every negative light space on my artwork deserves a positive light counterpart and this is the journey my mind takes as I seek to create pieces that will breathe inspiration into any room.”